29 March 2020


This site has been created by myself with direct help from Grand Master K U Lee (UKTSDF President), Master P V M Chin (UKTSDF Secretary), Master E McGonigle (My Instructor), and all the people I have trained with in the Oxfordshire region clubs.

Originally the information contained within was designed to assist with the numerous question I was asked at gradings, and never knew the answer to! I wanted to pass on this information to newer members and eventually found myself printing several pages of A4. In an attempt to pass on this and future information I approached Master McGonigle with the idea of forming a web site for the federation. With his assistance, and approval from the federation, the web site was formed.

Since then, the responses from site visitors have continued to provide ideas for further additions or improvements, I am doing my best to expand and improve the site for now and the future.

Mel Shellam (1st Dan)

Master Chin presenting me with my Dan certificate

Master Chin presenting my Dan certificate back in 2001