29 March 2020

Tang Soo Do Belt Colours

The philosophy of the Tang Soo Do Ranking system is based on nature.

White Belt:

It is symbolic of purity, novice, hidden potential and represents the Tang Soo Do student as a seed freshly planted in the ground. It represents Winter.

Yellow/Orange Belt:

Is the initial growth of the seed. It represents Winter/Spring.

Green/Blue Belt:

Are the colours of life and vigour. It is symbolic of the flourishing plant and represents the level of rapid development of a student. It represents Spring.

Red Belt:

Is the colour of energy and vitality. It represents the flowering of a strong plant. It represents a students improvement, active participation and advancement. It represents Summer.

Midnight Blue Belt:

Is the colour of the evening sky. Midnight blue symbolises infinity and perfection. It is the quest for perfection that epitomises Tang Soo Do. It represents maturity, passiveness and harvest. A practitioner of Tang Soo Do must never be satisfied or complacent, he/she should continue to strive for the better. It represents Autumn.